Cultural Performance

The main cultural activity is cultural dance. This is performed by several tribes and usually in the evening sessions. You are free to join the dance at any time you feel like. You will have a relaxed and enjoyable experience. You can request the repetition of the same dance, but usually, you have to motivate the performers by offering something. You can as well perform for us if you wish and demonstrate your culture. The different groups that perform include women, men and tribal groups.

Other activities include making baskets and artistic models. If there is anything you feel you can teach your host family or the community, we are very interested in learning and welcome your initiative very much.

Benefits to the community include:

  • Cultural exposure and coordination
  • Improvement of cultural livelihood
  • Increase creativeness and innovativeness
  • Increase unity among the local and global communities
  • Help local community coordinate and solve conflicts amicably


30 – 60 minutes


$60 per dance


Performance Hours: Morning or Evening

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