Home Stay

A visitor or a group of visitors is hosted in a local home. You stay with the host family for a specific period of time. You are given a warm welcome and expected to be part of the host family and the neighboring community. You can as well engage yourself in home activities like cooking, going to fetch water with a bicycle, making baskets, going to the market during the market day, going to church with members of your host family and any other activity.
You can also teach the host family anything you think is useful.

This activity helps the local community in the following ways:

  • family empowerment and support
  • Improvement in living standards
  • Creation of family relationships both locally and internationally
  • Interpretation of languages


Bed and Breakfast $15 (you will be served a rich variety of local foods and involves story telling.)

Additional Local Food

Lunch $5 per plate

Dinner $5 per plate

Additional Western Food

Can be ordered on extra cost – please inquire with your host family
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